Anybody buy from Eastwood?


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i have had 3 orders they have all been a freaking nightmare of multiple charges

unfilled orders back orders many calls ect promises lies and not much fun

anyone else have this from them?


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Not really. I have bought a few things and yes, sometimes something is out of stock and they do multiple shipments and multiple charges.

Your recent experience is not a good sign and suggests low inventory levels which may be a timing problem in the supply chain after the Christmas break and with Chinese New Year.


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buy multiple charges i meant they charged me twice for the same shipment

then wanted me to wait there settling period for it to fall off and the money to return to my account

and since it was close to 500 i had paypal reverse it


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I had good luck with Eastwood 10 years ago. Good products, great prices and fast shipping. Something has changed. I ordered a tool last year. Everything was going great, even had a shipping notice and then I received an e-mail saying I needed to call customer service as credit card number was wrong. I checked my e-mail confirmation/invoice and the card number was correct. So I called...what a cluster. The whacky do lady read my card number back to me and she kept transposing the numbers. I gave it to her three times and she continued to get the numbers wrong. Finally she said "I cancelled the order!". Really, the customer service person cancels the order because she obviously can't hold a thought long enough to get the numbers correct. I said, I still want the tool and can we just order it again while I have you on the phone. She said "No! You have to resubmit an online order". So, the order was cancelled and I started getting e-mails from Eastwood wanting to know if I still wanted the item. Finally, I get one of those e-mail asking "how did we do and how do you like the item you purchased". I gave them the whole story and heard absolutely nothing back from Eastwood.


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I've ordered from them no problems. They had a huge warehouse fire about a year ago, maybe a little over a year ago. I know they lost a lot of inventory. Maybe they're still dealing with it. I would think they would be back to regular inventory numbers by now. As to the multiple charges I can't say.


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so today is day 20 of my back order for ultimate chrome powder from thsse guys

i started with a order on jan 15 and if i stuck with them i still would not be bale to do one single bike

i called on friday to find out my status and was promised a call back

right now i have been on hold for 8 mins since no one bothered calling me back

this is the same run around as my jan 15 order this company sucks


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I have never had even the slightest issue. I love eastwood.
I even run their tig welders in my shop.
One of them runs 8 hrs a day on a robot and keeps on ticking.
I had a gas regulator fail and they didn't even ask for the old one, just overnighted me a new one.

Their powder prices are high so I've never ordered that from them lol so no help there.

Just ask the salesperson for their manager. They are all just 8 bucks an hour in a call center.

I use the same tactics with both police and salespeople, just say one word.
"Lawyer" or "Manager" 8)


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well 14 minutes on hold

and the lady i just talked to was able to tell me that the powder i am waiting for will be a minimum of another 5-10 business days

so that will be over a month on back order and likely 6 weeks how efficient


Reminds me No, I'm sure of it. I hate him
Cancel it and go to powder buy the pound.
They are local to me and are easy to work with.
If you're in a pinch I've got half a bag of chrome powder sitting on the shelf not doing anything

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