Anyone have any info about a Yamaha YG5?


Coast to Coast
I 'm going to pick up this beauty


but I can't seem to find any information on it.

Anyone know where I could find a manual or anything?

A 1969 Yamaha YG5. It was pretty damn rough when I picked it up. Got it running (sorta, still needs some work). Dropped about $450 (total) into it.

It's still a little dirty in these pictures and needs some new badges which are on their way from Thailand as we speak.

Pretty cool little 80cc two-stroke. I may keep it or if I need money sell it.



Pretty happy with the upholstery and the paint I did. Most complicated yet. It looks fucked up near the tank cause I'm not finished. Wish I had taken before pictures but I got too excited. Not bad for a week of evenings.
You need to put some clubman bars on that thing - great little racer.
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