Anyone in upstate NY? Schenectady?


Been Around the Block
Give a shout out if you're from the capital region! I go to school at Union College in schenectady. this went down in front of my house the other day, just another day in Schenectady:

Apparently today there was an armed robbery at a college house, students held at gunpoint while the robbers stole their laptops, wallets, xboxs, tvs... schenectady is a city that's seen better days that's going down the drain
Cheers mate.. I dont live near there but if you get bored this summer and want some events to go to head on down to CT for the Mods Vs. Rockers Event June 19th and the Rockers Re-Union Sept 5th.. There both great events..

grrrrr... schenectady cops are... something... the only three times I got tickets on the thruway were in schenectady
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