Anyone interested in a Great Lakes road trip this summer?


3rd generation rider
I'm planning on taking a road trip around the Great Lakes this summer from Pennsylvania. I live in western PA west of Pittsburgh. I'm planning on heading to Buffalo, NY, crossing the border into Canada, head north past Toronto, up around Lake Huron (Georgian Bay) and back into the US through Michigan and down around into Ohio then back home. It's about a 1400 mile round trip for me.

It will probably be a mix of some camping and some hotels. I would think doing this over 4 or 5 days would be comfortable but I have plenty of vacation time coming and can add a day or two if need be. I've gotten some interest from a few local buddies but thought it would be fun to get a DTT group together. I'm pretty flexible on dates so if we get enough interest, we can come up with what works best for the group.
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