Anyone know much about Lifan engines?


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I picked up a cool little XL100 with a lifan styled engine. I see 150FMG and a longer serial number stamped on the case bye the primary sprocket. It is a front clutch 4 speed with 1 down and 3 up. The wiring was all spun up around the primary sprocket and looks pretty tore up, and there is a big gob of JB weld on the head. Not a good sign, but surely fixable. It has some great compression. If anyone has a link to a site, wiring info, or a parts house that would be great. I have not found much on the web for this engine.


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the harness that got chewed up in the back at the sprocket case should just be the neutral and gear indicator harness
it will be one wire for neutral and one for every gear 1-5

the other harness is teh one that has the stator and cdi trigger wires

all you need to do is plug a good cdi and coil in and it will run if all else is disconnected

i have put a lifan 200 in a cb 100 was a hoot 75 mph with me on it after a few mods


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There is a round plug going into the round hole pictured above the sprocket. It is a finger and pad style contact for each wire. The missing sprocket cover would have held it in place. It ha 5 wires going to the CDI box. Wires are pink, purple, green, blue/red, and light green/red. The second set of real chewed wires go into the L side of the engine cover. They are white, yellow, green, blue/white, and black/red. This second set must feed the coil and kill switch. I assume since these are newer they are 12 volts but have no idea if it can support battery charging or lights. These are 100% foreign to me - pun intended.


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Neither could offer any help with the vertical engine, parts, or any wiring similar to mine. Tbolt was kind of snarky saying they only sell horizontals so how would they know if a vertical is similar. They also ignored the request for a coil, and twist throttle part availability? Must not want a sale. Oh well. Customer service sucks everywhere you look. Kind of bummed there is no support for these out there. Trying a moped place in Sweden next...and if that does not pan out I am not sure.


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Ok. think I am getting somewhere...found this. Looks just like CXman said with odd wires for each gear, weirdo foreigners dont know what gear they are in???. The unneeded gear indicators share the plug style with the CDI and had me way off track. I am going to source a coil and see if we can make some noise.


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The round rubber plug is clearly the gear position switch. The other bundle of wire are presumably the alternator and pulse generator. If you have the CDI, check and see if the colors match the damaged leads.

You can remove that left engine side cover and see which wires go where. In all probability, two will be for a pulse generator (small coil) and the others are probably different alternator wires.

Looks like you beat me to it. Do the colors in your picture match what's on your motor? If so you will have to work out if you want your lights to be AC the way that alternator is designed, or DC the way that most Hondas work. Some Dual sport Hondas use AC lights. Not sure about yours. But in all probability, there will be some modification/adaptation needed.

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