Anyone Know of a Vintage Motorcycle Key maker?


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I have a 1977 Ducati Desmo Sport 500 (it comes with a story) Long story Short I have a broken Key and no title and no spark ....shes a dilemma, A Hot Mess, that red headed step child that almost Killed Ducati and Me in one foul swoop.....So here I am taking baby steps trying to get a key to wake this beast....OH and if anyone wants to lend a Hand rewiring it ( I have minimal electrical tools but many hammers) I can supply the Brews

here she is hiding in the back


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Does your key look like this?


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Maybe???..... i know the lock cylinder says H25 where you stick the key in


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Steve Allen from told me to try Key Kraft in San Francisco:

1585 Church St San Francisco, CA 94131
(415) 285-0134

She apparently has blanks for all sorts of vintage motorcycles. I would call her and explain your situation and see if she can help you. (I haven't had any dealings with her so I can't tell you what to expect.)
I have a local key shop that has had 100% success rate of making keys for me off of the lock cylinder #, though I have not done a Ducati. Just Japenese so far. They charge me $10-$15 for the first key. $2 for dups.
Bypass the ignition switch. It takes 10 minutes.

^^did this and figured out I have no spark^^

Joe & John Thanks A bunch A local place here called hasn't gotten back to me same with the regular lock smith...Oh and John not sure if you'll have time But the lock cylinder code is H25 maybe your ringer can make it happen?
Of course I can send you $$ or stuff made out of license plates as comp for you time and help...
Thanks Again maybe soon I can start that build thread for this thing
Well, there's a first, said she couldn't find anything with the H25 that was for a motorcycle or Ducati. If you don't have any luck going off the number you can always pull the cylinder and bring it to a shop to have them make a key to match. I've had to do that on cylinders that were not stamped.
I have an extra lock cylinder there is one on the bike and an extra one maybe the other one isn't an H code i'll go check it out
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