Anyone looking for a hot weather/mesh armored jacket?


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I've been searching for one since it's warming up quick here in Texas, just thought I would share this deal I found in case anyone else out there is looking...

bikebandit is currently selling the 'speed and strength' "moment of truth sp" mesh jacket for $75 bucks, pretty good deal on a decent looking jacket, it does look modern and has a real sport bike feel to it but for the price it's pretty cool.

Plenty of sizes still in too

I don't work for them, I just know how I had been searching for one and this is the coolest looking, most inexpensive jacket I have found....hope sharing this doesn't break any rules or anything.
Maritime said:
any womens? I need one for the wife.

Actually, yeah, I just checked and the same brand, speed and strength, has a jacket called "true romance mesh" is marked down to below $70. Don't know if it's her style or not but it is mesh and armored like the other.
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