Anyone looking to hardtail their CB/CL 350?


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I've got a titled CL350 frame that I got in a package deal. The frame has been chopped and a hardtail rear end is in its place. Lower area is bolted on, top needs welding.
I am not really into the hardtail scene and would be looking to trade for a stock CB/CL 350 frame w/clear title.
Let me know what you have and if you have any questions.
I'm in South Lyon, 20 min North of Ann Arbor.

Re: Anyone lookingto hardtail their CB/CL 350?

I unfortunately do not have a frame to trade you but if you want to sell it outright I am interested.
Re: Anyone lookingto hardtail their CB/CL 350?

Alright, I may have rushed this a little. Throwing some parts together, I came up with this:

I think I'm going to get myself a welder and some tubing and make my own subframe.

I would be willing to sell the hardtail subframe on its own. I also have a 21" wheel to go with it. Let me know if anyone is interested.

No price yet. Let me know what you think it's worth.
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