Anyone north of Atlanta?


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I just came back from Barber and it was a blast. I know there are lots of cool motorcycle happenings around Atlanta but I don't often have the money/time to attend that stuff. I'm up here in Rome and it's a bit of a ride to even get down to Kennesaw. Anyone located up here in the boonies like me that wants to get together and ride some weekend?
John there are a bunch of us riding up in the Mountains on most weekends, hit me up if you're around.
I ever get a free weekend I will but I usually run into the same problem as going to ATL. I think most people head up toward Dahlonega and that's a pretty long ride for me.
It's probably 45 min to an hour for most to get to Riders Hill, but there's great riding up that way.

You're probably 1-1/2 to there but it's worth it...
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