Anyone riding in Wilmington nc?!?!


Been Around the Block
I've been seeing a bunch of people riding around out here on old Hondas and triumphs lately.

Anyone on here trying to start a meet up or ride down here in the port city?
Most of the guys in the Triangle are from the Raleigh Durham Area.
We rode there once to the Port City Rumble in November 2011 ( man time flies by)
Hope you find someone to kick it with. I know exactly how you feel!

I used to live out there in NC and it took a while to even get the DTT Triangle group going.
Stick around, post your own meets, show up at the place you pick every time and people will start showing up. Once I realized that I did not have to wait for people to vouch their attendance and that all I had to do was set something up and show up it took about 3 months and we had a good solid bunch showing up consistently.
Before that I waited about 3 to 6 months for people to even chime in.

Get out there and set something up.
Maybe we can round a few up.... I'm willing to come up from Myrtle Beach.... Keep me posted... Chuck
Sorry guys Tapatalk never notified me someone had replied to this haha dammit!

My clutch cable broke and I had to push this pos home last night ughh selling it to my best friend and he's giving me a ride to Charlotte to pick up a new moto guzzi stone in 2 weeks!! Stoked!

But yeah I'll get something going as soon as I get this new bike! I also just started working at a new ecig shop here which has a huge parking lot perfect for a meet up with lots of restaurants around it. I'm thinking next month I'll get it going.
Yeah, I don't like Taptalk much.... and I thought I had already responded to this :p

There are a few folks in the area - Will Page, Greig Horeicher and others... but hanging out on Facebook mostly these days. Wish there was a way to link up new posts from this board there!

As for MB - I get down there about once a month.... we have a house there.
I ride when the honda wants to cooperate. I know a few people that ride as well. We just did a "make up" Gentlesman's ride today. It was great. We are attempting to start a group similar to what the guys here have done for the triangle.
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