Anyone want me to take pics of their bike in the Northeast?


i always wind up with extra bolts leftover..
It's been pretty quiet in this section for awhile now, but I'm still throwing this out there for any of you NE DTT'ers out there.

I've been into photography all my life but only recently really put out a concerted effort to do something with it. Since I'm into bikes too, I'd like to practice my skills in doing some more photography with them. I was also fortunate enough to have a dad who's into photography and even more of a gear fiend than me, so I'm pretty well set up with a pro DSLR and some good glass.

If anyone in the Northeast area wants to get some shots of their builds, completed, in pieces (like mine), or whatever, let me know. I'm in southern New Hampshire and could meet in the surrounding area, like out to 50-100 miles.

I just want practice and experience, so I'm not at the point of charging or anything... but gas money, PBR, and SS acorn nuts are always accepted.

Here are some rando's I took of my buddy's SV650



Hit me up if anyone's interested in helping me out and getting some decent quality shots to submit your bike for the BOTM contest or any of the bike rags like Iron & Air and Lowside!

you can message me here or at
WE have loads of vintage bikes you take pics of in Connecticut if you wanna practice.. We also have an abandoned airfield for races... lemme know.

I definitely be interested, thanks for the offer! What part of CT are you guys generally riding around in? I went to UConn so I know some the small area from Mansfield to Hartford.
If you're ever New Bedford way, you could come to choppahead. That's where I'm building my project. We have some neat bikes in the shop from time to time, but check out my build thread if you're interested in that. I hope to be done with mine by the spring and could go up there if that works, too. anyhoo, here's the shop:

here's my build:
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