anyone with a mac exhaust and sound clip?


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i have a 79 kz750b and they only make mac exhaust for my bike. i was jw if any one has a sound clip on what theirs sounds like. thanks alot!
If it's the only pipe you can get, what difference is the sound? ::)

Seriously, though...I put a Mac 2 into 1 on my Suzuki GS450. I didn't like the sound much, so I made a different baffle. It was a straight-through baffle with fiberglass packing.

This was the original baffle. It had a "tinny" sound that I didn't like.


I cut it, and welded up a straight tube from the pieces. Then I drilled it full of holes. The cross-feed vice made it easy to index the holes with consistent spacing.


I used a grinding burr in an extension shaft to de-burr the inside after drilling.


I added a piece of 3/8" steel rod for a little back pressure and to make the muffler pass the "nightstick test."


I wrapped it with screen.


Then moose muffler packing.

See my post, above.

The baffle was held in with a pop rivet which I drilled out. I never started the engine with no baffle. That would be WAAAAY louder than any bike I want to ride. I don't need to punish my neighbors.
I've got a cb550/4 with a Mac 4-1. With the baffle in it, as stated above, sounded too tinny. With the baffle out, it was embarrasingly loud to ride. My solution was to "modify" the baffle by cutting it in half so only the rear ring and a few inches of straight pipe are left. The sound is, in my opinion, perfect. I can cruise around town at 3-4k and it has a respectable rumble, but when I rev up to 7-8k it has a mean snarl that puts a stupidly large grin on my face. The best part is that it cost nothing, the only tool needed was a hacksaw, and it sounds excellent.
No sounds clip but I cut the end off my mac baffle that goes to the engine. and drilled some holes in the other pipes there. Sounded great before I tore down the bike.
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