Arizona mates

I'm new here; I split time between PHX and Las Vegas. My bike's in the PHX area. Great site!
I am definitely new here, I don't even own a bike, but I am looking at stuff and I am super stoked on all of it! I am going to get my endorsements soon through a class, but can not wait to start looking for bikes, I hail from Tucson by the way.
Legionnaire said:
What's up Tucson homies!! It's 4 to 3 right now, not too shabby!

Shoot....i am in the middle. Just as close to get to Phoenix as it is Tucson. I'm on neutral grounds. 8)
Tucson here. In the process of chopping down a Honda VT500. Current bike is a cafe'd Honda CM200 -- but it's not quite peppy enough for my tastes, so it most likely will get sold...
Skeeter said:
sierra vista here, rockin a thruxton

Went down and bought my cb360 from a guy close to Sierra Vista. My wifes grandpa (passed away) owned the silver smith shop there years ago. Nice little town.
New guy from Mesa here. I currently ride a slightly modified 2003 Suzuki SV1000. I don't have a cafe bike yet and I'm browsing Craigslist ads to find the perfect project bike. I'm hoping to learn a thing or two from this site.
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