Arkansas Antique Vehicle Licensing Changed


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As long as I can remember, Arkansas has used a 25 year cut off for licensing antique vehicles. A few years ago they made it even easier by using bills of sales to establish transfer of ownership. In 2018 a vehicle made in 1993 would qualify. I used this process last year to to register and title my 1987 Harley Evo swap meet special. It was simple and very easy. The antique license plate is good forever and does not require renewal. The best part is the vehicle has no restrictions on daily use. The law changed this year and now vehicles have to be 45 years old to qualify. This year a vehicle has to be 1974 or earlier to be considered "antique/classic". Previous titles/registration will be grandfathered.

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You've been mostly-dead all day.
Georgia stays at 1985. Sucks it has to be so early for you guys. I hope we don't change here, or at least in that way.


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It was a lawmaker that didn't like seeing 90's trucks and cars with antique tags. Then, the rest of the assembly realized how much more money they'd make off of registration and zipped it right through.

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