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spotted on ebay check out the engraving on theese fork sliders :)
deviant said:
Meh. ::) Pretty messy work. I'd give them a B-.

ah but it's 'folk art' and possibly 'trench art' too, you can't expect perfection to be achieved whilst engraving under fire from the enemy (or some macrame weilding hippies perhaps)
hmmm Ive got my graving chisels and hammer. Ive done some (a little, very little and very basic) engraving on brass rifle parts by hand I wonder...
it is a friends auction he got the forks with a bunch of other stuff they are actually the hot setup for flat track the 180 spread allows for a big gummy front tar
somebody got a lotta time innit i would think not so much messy work but say messy with a lisp and i think you might have tha answer... you see back in the day the rouny round racers were known for a likin' to some speed, so methy work as in meth ,you know crank, speed, booger sugar, piss etc
You'd think they could be bothered to give at least the crucial information like diameter.....
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