As Seen on TV!!! or I spent my money to buy a wet blasting gizmo!


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We've all seen the ads on TV, the Internet and Face Book. Buy our attachment and turn any pressure washer into a wet dustless sandblasting system.
I'll admit I have been curious about this setup for quite some time. So late one night, I let my curiosity control my pocketbook and ordered one of the systems.

The ad claims USA Seller/US Stock! NOT TRUE! This system is from China. In fact my package came from Guangzhou, China .

Once you order you will be bombarded with estimated shipping times from 5 to 30 days. I ordered on August 10th and received the package a few days ago. So about 25 days in my case. Pretty good considering it took the company 12 days to send my request to Guangzhou. They will eventually send you a tracking number.

There are no instructions but it is simple. Attach the sandblasting wand to the end of your pressure washer. Attach the clear hose to the sandblasting wand and stick the other end of the clear hose (noted as the sand wand) into your medium.

How did it work? Well surprisingly it was pretty decent. I didn't have any blasting medium, but I did have a partial bag of play sand.

I stuck the "sand wand" in the sand, pushed the clear hose onto the blasting wand barb and attached the blasting wand to my Ryobi pressure washer

I blasted this 55 year old Honda engine side cover. It had a combination of dirt, oil and the residue of Honda Cloud silver paint on it. It really cleaned it up. The play sand left it a little rougher than some of the finer blasting mediums.

The nozzles wear out quickly. The water pressure and the rough play sand ate this one in about 35 minutes.
Must be done outside!
Blasting medium is consumed in use. In other words, it can't be saved and reused.
You can get wet!

Must be done outside. I do all my blasting outside.
Humidity does not affect the performance. In fact, the day I blasted it was in the 80% humidity range. It is pretty quiet, much quieter than my compressor and conventional sand blasting equipment.
No dust/limited water spray.

I wore a dust mask and had eye protection. I did get a little bit of back spray because I placed the engine cover in a plastic box and the sand/water combination bounced off the box.

So I'm giving it a go for now. The nozzles are expensive from the proprietary company, but I may have found a cheaper alternative through Amazon.

My next blasting project will be a Honda seat pan.


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