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We have any Cafe enthusiasts from the maritimes? Where are ya at and what do ya ride?


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There is a member on here...Maritime. Im pretty sure he's from canada. He will probably be here shortly lol
SpottheDogg said:
1973 CB360 in Miramichi

I lived there. You see that yellow building on the left? I lived next to that above the hair solon. Sick honda you got there too.
Hey everyone, 1st post here, and i know its an older thread, but wondering if anyone on this board is from the charlottetown area. I'm moving there in march and looking to connect with fellow bikers.

Ha, just found this thread now. I am in Woodstock, NB but lived in Moncton for a while and I am from Saint John so I ride all over the Maritimes. It would be cool to get a few more of us to represent at the DTT GTG's/



Another new bumswicker here, I don't quiet qualify as a cafe rider yet, but hopefully sometime in the next 4 to 400 months (depending on how lazy/broke I am).

Used to be. Now in wdstck. But mtn once or twice a summer on the bike

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Hey guys,

My name is Paul, and I live in Halifax, NS. I've seen a few cafe's riding around the city/Dartmouth, and would be interested in trying to get something going locally. Nothing really exists right now, except for a scooter group in the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride - UNSAT! I might try a page on Facebook to see if anyone catches it in their newsfeed.

I have a '76 CB500T that I have been turning wrenches on for the past 2 yrs. I still have to get it painted (end of this season), and wrap the exhaust to make it look a little cleaner.

If you're local, and interested in getting a gang going and scaring old ladies, let me know.


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Welcome to the site. Im a few hours north west of you in woodstock, nb. Hope you find some local folks. There are a few members in your area.
I'm in Moncton. Have a '77 CJ360T in progress, and a 1100 Shadow I ride otherwise.

Just noticed this thread. Met Paul on his CB500T at the DGR in Halifax this fall..."Hi Paul!" I was riding my '48 Norton ES2 for that event. It was very interesting to see that bike again and what Paul has done to it since he purchased it. When I first saw that bike it had been donated by one of the Atlantic Vintage Motorcycle Society members as a charity project. I did the wrenching on it and got it back on the road (stock and unrestored), made about $1500.00 that we split up between the Parker St Food Bank, Feed Nova Scotia and the Children's Wish Foundation. It was good to see that the bike is running very well, and that he is enjoying it.
I was tempted to take my own cafe bike on that run, but being that vintage bikes are encouraged I thought I would take the oldest one I own instead, it really was a good ride and very well attended.

The Triumph T100 was my latest cafe project, started with a donor engine and progressed from there. After shaking it down and completing break in, it has proven to be one of the best bikes I have ever owned and was featured in The Horse Magazine in Dec 2012. Currently working on a little Suzuki for one of the female AVMS members.

Bruce G.

Forgot to mention...I live on the Peggy's Cove Road in NS.


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I'm new to the forum and looking to buy my first bike. I am in Halifax, so I'm glad to see some members in the area. Once I can find something for a cafe build and turn it in to something I'd like to ride, I'd be up for some sort of meet.

PS, any leads on a half decent project for less than $1,000 in the HFX area? Preferably Japanese, Late 70's-early 80's, 400-650cc. I'm used to building cars, so I'm not scared to get my hands dirty. I just don't know a whole lot about bikes, yet.

Hi Matt,
I don't think you are going to get much for that sort of money unless you have a really big horseshoe up your butt. :D And to make it into something reliable will cost you just as much a buying something a little more expensive and in decent running condition in the first place...but that's your choice. I do know of a very nice BSA Victor that has been completely rebuilt as of last year that could be easily converted into a really sweet cafe racer for a pretty small investment, but it would be quite a bit more expensive.
Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best of luck!
Welcome Matt. Your budget can be done if you are willing to take a drive. I have personally gotten deals on complete bikes that need work out of the valley and Truro areas and have make good running bikes for less than 1000 total. You have to be patient and watch Kijiji like a hawk to be first call. If your budget is 1000 for the bike then 500-1000 for parts you can really make something nice. My 82 CX500 was 250 purchase and less than 700 in parts including tires etc. Work was lots though, cleaning, polishing painting rebuilding of forks, brakes, etc. Motor was fine though, if I needed engine work it would have been more like 1500 total.


I check Craigslist in Maine all the time. Bikes seem a little cheaper across the border, but I have no idea what kind of hassle is involved in getting one back home.

15 years old or older is taxes at the crossing based on receipt need original title signed to you and a ITN number you can get online for 35 USD and you need to email it all to the border 72 hours before you cross. Really easy.
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