Been Around the Block
Hey all,

Just want to shoot out a superb review of Here's the story:

I've gone through a few trials with the color for my tank. First it was all flat black. Then black with an off-center red stripe. Then black with a wide silver stripe down the middle lined by two smaller pinstripes (I thought it'd be cool to use silver leaf instead of was dumb). Then I went way different and did red-orange, black stripe down the middle, with black knee indents. It was hideous. Looked like a retarded ladybug. All of this was with simple Rustoleum rattle cans. Now, because it was just rattle canning it, I didn't care too much about sanding down scratches and filling in dings and stuff. So basically with each layer, not only did the color get changed, the surface got shittier too. A real shitty beat up job, to be sure.
Then I saw an orange SUV on the road one day, and I was like, "that's the orange I want!" so I literally just googled "orange suv" to see what would happen. Go ahead and try it, I'll wait.

Basically the first thing I saw was a Saturn SUV that was the same car I saw earlier. Then I googled automotive paint and found Checked out the Saturn oranges for the SUVs, figured out it was 'sunburst orange' or whatever, and ordered a can hoping for the best (I ordered basecoat Saturn WA913L, for the record). I got it yesterday and I have to say, it is fucking amazing stuff. If you haven't tried it before, and you're just rattle canning it like me, BUY A CAN. The difference between this stuff and the good ol rusto spray stuff is night and day. The color is seriously like it came from a shop, and the coverage is unbelievable.
The only problem is, the paint looks so damn good now that I'm bummed I didn't take the time to make sure the surface was flawless. I basically polished a turd, and even though that turd is a beautiful shiny metallic orange now, it's still a piece of shit.

Anyway, I was just so stoked about the paint I wanted to share immediately. (And just so you all know, new and final color scheme: sunburst orange, black stripe down the middle, with white pinstripes separating the orange and black. I am DONE buying paint for this damn thing.)
And as a side note, I'll clear it with Spraymax 2k. First time using that too, but I highly doubt I'll be disappointed with it. Happy painting!
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