AVOID Burk's Motorsports aka West Coat MC aka Burk's Bolts aka Burk Henschke


Kickstart, shift on right, drum brakes and spokes
AVOID Burk's Motorsports aka West Coast MC aka Burk's Bolts aka Burk Henschke

I have used Burk's Motorsports several times in the past for stainless steel bolt kits without a problem and have promoted them on this and other forums. Never again.

On May 12th, 2009 I ordered a set my my CB750 and they never arrived. I paid via Paypal, tried many times to contact Burk Henschke by e-mail and voicemail, no response. I filed a complaint and then two weeks later a dispute with Paypal. No response. Paypal ruled in my favor on July 2, 2009 but screwed me claiming they could not recover the funds from his account, but may do so in the future.

Today I filed the first comaplaint aginst Burk's Motorsposrts on the Canadain Better Business Bureau and encourage anyone else who was ripped off to do the same. I am on to my bank and credit card company next...

All I ask for is a fair price, good customer service and communication and quick shipment. If someone cannot provide it, I spend my money elsewhere. I went to Stainlesscycle.com for a good set of CB750, reasonably priced and fast ship.


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(Devil's Advocate; I've had no dealings with this person) If you had good luck with previous orders and just one troubling experience, doesn't that warrant a bit more consideration?

Sounds like this is a small, perhaps one man operation. Perhaps something unfortunate happened. When it's just you plugging away day in and day out and something terrible happens, who covers for you?

Speaking from personal experience, I was the victim of identity theft a few years back. The result of which was that both of my checking accounts were temporarily locked up tight.......during which time I had several paypal payments in the que. In total 4 didn't go thru and it caused a ton of grief for me and the fellows I was attempting to pay. Paypal (like any banking institution) will always err in their own best interests including making sure they get theirs before you get yours. Sucks but true.

I hope you get your trouble worked out.


Kickstart, shift on right, drum brakes and spokes
Re: AVOID Burk's Motorsports aka West Coat MC aka Burk's Bolts aka Burk Henschk

Yes, I have used Burks several times but then they took my money and never sent my bolt set. I understand things can happen, personal, health or legal problems but with absolutely no communication, I cannot be empathatic.

The latest update from Better Business Bureau in British Columbia referred me to Washington state district.

"Your complaint has been received by the Better Business Bureau of Mainland B.C. It appears however, that the business your complaint refers to is outside our service area.

We have forwarded your case to the BBB that services the area where the business is located.

Please contact the following BBB for further information regarding your complaint:

BBB of Alaska, Oregon & Western Washington

PO Box 1000

DuPont, WA 98327"

It seems Burk's business is right on the border and used this to his advantage.

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