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I got an email the other day saying the DTT forum is all back and upgraded... logged in for the first time in quite a while and sure enough yeah it's all new!

Anyways, I'm back from sunny Brisbane in Australia, still riding my 82 Suzuki GS450E to work every day (when I can resist riding my Katana of course) and in May this year I finally finished my dream bike... a Suzuki Katana. It's an 84 GSX750S Katana with an 1100cc motor in it which works just nicely for what I want.

Only issue I have is after riding the Kat the 450 riding position feels awkward and wrong, so I'm going to have to adjust it to suit what I now like, meaning clubman 'bars and rearsets as a starting point. The 450 also needs some TLC after an altercation with some diesel a couple of years ago resulting in a dented left header and road rash on the muffler.

Seems I don't have a recent pic of the 450, deleted all my originals with the Photophucket deal a while back and only have the Katana pic's so far in Flickr.

For the moment here's the Katana, and I know this isn't your typical DTT build, but don't worry I'll get the 450 up here soon enough!]Untitled[/url] by]starpoint73[/url], on Flickr

irk miller

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I absolutely love that generation of Katana. I rarely see them here in the States, but if I ever come across one in the wild, it will be mine.


Zuk's Rock!
Cheers guys, yeah she gets up and goes alright! Since that photo I've put a set of Mikuni VM33 Smoothbore carbs on it and am in the process of getting the jetting right, but there's a world of difference between the stock CV's and the VM33's. She likes to boogie!

There's a group of us here so it's not unusual to see multiple Kats out and about on our regular Saturday morning rides as we're all of the same opinion that they should be ridden not hidden.

Having had a better look around the forum I definitely see the content is quite different, and to be honest a big turn off for me when I stopped logging in was everyone seeming to do the same thing which was disappointing because there are (or at least were) lots of talented people on here doing great stuff.

Still trying to locate all the pics I downloaded from Photophucket before I deleted them so I can post some of the 450. It's still a fun little bike to ride!

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