Backfire Moto 2011 Seattle

johnny gaijin

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according to the face book page the official opener is april but march 16th there will be an informal gathering. weather is supposed to be around 50 degrees but who knows what it'll actually be like. if it's not raining buckets i'll probably swing by. anybody else gonna be there?
Unfortunately, the new motor for my GS won't be here yet. I hope to make one of the next ones. I've been looking forward to going to one for a while. Have fun!!!
if you need a place to stay while you're in seattle lemme know, i've got a nice comfy floor you're welcome to.
Sweet man. Probably a bit safer than slabbing it back down I5 at 1am. I'll give you a shout when the bike is back together and know when I'm coming up.
Can't make this Wednesday, head is still at A.P.E. Hope to make it next month and many more.
Ill defiantly try to make a couple this summer. The bike should be together around May 1st.
johnny gaijin said:
I'm pretty sure A.P.E is a racing company or something like that.

I'll definitely try to come to Backfire Moto but there will be no guarantees. We'll see if my bike will be ready by then.
Looks like I won't make it tonight- Still waiting on a couple parts in the mail. Definitely next month!
Re: Backfire Moto 2011 Seattle (Spring Opener 4.27.11)

Just noticed the Spring Opener is scheduled for April 27th. Unfortunately, I will be in Chicago for work but I thought I'd pass on the info incase you hadn't got the date!
Just a remionder that this will probrobly be the last decent one of the year.

This wed the 21st of Oct. Weather should hold out and be in the mid 70's!
Cheers thirsty 1 ;D
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