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February last year I bought a 'multi- player' for my little pick up from Visionari Services. (CD/DVD, radio, USB)
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Visionari LLC
Customer Service Department
15930 Valley Blvd Bay 3-Door 64
City of Industry, CA 91744 USA

First one was faulty, they paid for return. Second and third were also faulty, they sent instructions how to re-solder circuit board
Eventually I got one that worked (in June :eek: )
Worked OK, wasn't expecting anything fantastic from a cheap player
Anyway, 'fast forward' to December 24th 2013 CD won't eject, faceplate doesn't move.
Contacted Visionari Services, they asked for video of problem so I got one, had to open account with dropbox and upload video.
They are now saying warranty expired (even though notified in December)
Avoid them at all costs, if anything goes wrong, your completely 'on your own'
I'm really pissed off with them, any 'savings' were lost in shipping faulty units
Had yet another reply,
Dear CustomerThanks for your reply.sorry for this.but we don't have the power to replace it for you since it is company policy so please just find a local store to repair it and we will offer some discounts in the future to make this up for you. Best regards
Grace Sun

Really, notified in December and they still refuse to do anything
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