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The wife and I are thinking about doing the museum at Barber and Friday/Saturday of the vintage weekend. Probably ride the GL1800 down on Wednesday, tour the museum on Thursday, then take in the track action Friday and Saturday. Probably stay at a motel about 30 minutes away (we are NOT campers, particularly at our age). Any cautions, do's, don'ts, suggestions? No, the Hunley will stay home getting much needed paint.

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We stay about 20 min away. It's easy riding into the park. Have your armbands at the ready so you can just slide right in. Barber has it together when it comes to getting the crowd in and out of the park. You can park your bike anywhere along the perimeter road, so there's not shortage of parking. The shuttle service is frequent and efficient. This event is about as well managed as I've ever seen.


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They made massive improvements to the traffic flow when they pushed most of the car parking to outside the park. Before it was a gong show getting in and out.

This is a fantastic route to come and go from the event. I have always stayed at the Hilton Perimeter Park when we were organizing the Ace Corner with DCC and the different vendors. Great commute on motorcycle.,+Barber+Motorsports+Parkway,+Leeds,+AL,+USA/Perimeter+Park+S,+Birmingham,+AL+35243,+USA/@33.4921921,-86.6948777,13z/data=!4m15!4m14!1m5!1m1!1s0x888912ff301f794f:0x70b7300d1df8ea9b!2m2!1d-86.6189146!2d33.5318079!1m5!1m1!1s0x8889179f06dbe749:0xb26926c99715b7f0!2m2!1d-86.7244931!2d33.4377814!3e0!5i1


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Tim that is pretty much the area to stay and route I was looking at. Now the next routing question: How can I get from North of Knoxville to Birmingham with minimum interstate travel? I can get to Chattanooga several different ways that are interesting, but how to go further South? We hate interstates, and particularly going through Chattanooga.


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Jump onto U.S. HWY 11 just south of Chattanooga. It's two lane highway. Not the most exciting road but you can still make decent time on it and it is 100% better than the interstate.

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Well, I've reserved rooms through Saturday at Hyatt Place Inverness. Also ordered 3 day passes for me and the wife. Will probably try to travel Saturday after leaving the park. Might head towards home, might head towards the gulf. Retirement is great that way!

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