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I just really want to know what the little rectangles on the wiring diagram means. I believe its a symbol for a connection, but I can't find anything in the manual to confirm this.

Why I ask is because I have just found this:

Its two red wires going into nothing...

I believe this is the relevant section of the wiring diagram relating to this, but it only has 1 red wire going into rectangle?



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It's a matter of interpretation. If you shorten the "one" wire leading to that connector, low and behold, it's two wires! It's drawn the way it is for clarity. Ironically, it's causing confusion. <G>

I wonder if it is a service connection, perhaps for checking timing?


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Oh, I see what you mean. But wouldn't that mean the pickup coil isn't fully connected?!


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But there's nothing on the end of my connector at the moment? Its exactly like the diagram in that there is nothing on the end of that box (which I'm assuming is a connector)


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On that diagram triangles represent male connectors and rectangles are female connectors - hence the term thinking outside the box. That last part obviously was a pun ;-)

On that system it appears as Alpha mentioned, to be a connector that has nothing connected to it on that bike. The harness may have been used on a different model where that connection was used or it may have been used at the factory for some reason. If teh wiring diagram shows it empty and your is empty I wouldn't worry too much.


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Ah ok. That's what I was assuming but it was a bit of a wtf moment. Especially after the missing ignitor, I wasn't gonna be impressed if it was missing something else...


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