Battle of the Brits & All Clubs Day


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Its that time again. The annual fall (late summer) Michigan motorcycle gatherings. The Battle of the Brits is sponsored by the Metro Triumph Riders and will be held on September 9th at Orchard Lake St. Marys. Open at 10 am, registration at 8 am.
All Clubs Day in Stockbridge MI is the following weekend, the 16th. Suzi Greenway gets the local vintage and modern bike clubs to bring out their stuff and they gather in the downtown area for a good time. Nortons, Triumphs, BSA's, AHRMA racers, Sportbikes etc. I'll be there at both on something.


Anyone interested in a group ride to Stockbridge?
I'll make sure to check here before Stockbridge next year - hope you made it, it was a great show.
Ill be setting up a small booth this year at stockbridge. Hope to see friends of the site!!!
Battle of the Brits is September 8th and this year the event is at Camp Dearborn in Milford.
All Clubs Day is September 15th. I like to get there early (10ish) and watch and listen to all the bikes coming in. Don't forget the pancake breakfast at the church.

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