"Bella" 2003 Ducati M800S i.e. Monster


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Here's the stats: Bar end mirrors, Carbon fiber air dam, Carbon fiber tank grip, Cycle Cats Frame sliders, Rizoma Gold anodized grips, D.I.D. Gold chain, Gold Renthal 42t sprocket, Gold Tank lid, Stainless steel brake/clutch/fuel lines, Pilot Hyperwhite H4 anti shake bulb, Ducati Wheel Decals, Ducati Carbon fiber Decals, Smoke colored LED integrated rear brake/turn signals, 12 volt power supply, Rizoma Clip ons, Aftermarket front turn signals, Rizoma Gold preload adjusters, Eliminated sub fender, Leo Vince SBK Titanium pipes, Wrapped exhaust, Ohlins adjustable rear shock, K&N filter, Chopped Air box, Helmet lock, Roll a click levers, Renthal 14t front sprocket, and an Anodized oil cap.


Brembo's to stop:


Added a couple l.e.d.'s

Frame sliders:

Gold D.I.D. chain, and Renthal 42t Gold sprocket:

New turn signals:

More Led's..Think I'm good for now.

Some cool edited shots:

Wrapped the headers, here I am adding 12 volt power..

12v power outlet:

Bella waiting on me to get off work:

Wheel Decals:

More to come..


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Re: My new (to me) 2003 Ducati M800S i.e. Monster

Hell yeah, man! Can't wait to see this progress! ;D Looks pretty clean, too.

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Re: My new (to me) 2003 Ducati M800S i.e. Monster


I have wanted a Monster since they first came out, and yours is AWESOME!

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Re: "Bella" My new (to me) 2003 Ducati M800S i.e. Monster

I have a really stupid question..
How long can you ride this bike and how tall are you?

I absolutely adore these bikes and would really like to get one, but it would see some highway miles(5-600) at a time. Can you comfortably ride it on the highway for a length of time? Obviously the lack of windscreen comes into play..



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Re: "Bella" My new (to me) 2003 Ducati M800S i.e. Monster

B Rad.. I commute on the highway for work every day with sunshine.. The windscreen is on my list to get, they do make one, I've heard it helps a ton. I went from a straight naked bike to this so I was already used to the beatings on the highway. It's from the wind and lack of fairings, not the bike. This bike rides smoother at 80 than my Yamaha did at 25. The stance doesn't wear you out as much as it looks like it does. The setup does leave me a little achy after about 2 hours of riding, mostly in the arms. But thats getting better as I ride more. I also need to get some softer grips these anodized gold ones are hard as hell after about an hour. For what your asking.. With a windscreen I'd say it's not an issue..Without one, you better be used to the naked bike ride. BTW, I'm a medium size fella, 5'9 155-160 and it fits me like a glove. My knees fit in the tank perfect, feet are flat on the ground when stopped. The suspension is completly adustable so ride height can be tailored.. This model is an 800, honestly it's more bike than I'll ever need. I just found 6th gear for the first time last week..


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Re: "Bella" My new (to me) 2003 Ducati M800S i.e. Monster

Sweet Monster Love Ducati I have a few older ones .....Working on getting something modern

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