belt sander for polishing?


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Just got an email from Harbor Freight. They've got a 1" belt sander for $35 with a coupon. Anyone have any thoughts on using a belt sander as a polishing tool? I was thinking that with a 600 grit belt it could make pretty short work of a lot of real estate.


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Also, belt sanders are great at putting flat spots on curves if you don't keep the part moving. Keep them in the wood shop.

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HF does have the buffer on sale right now though and it works ok from what my customers have told me


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Joe, I saw that one too. Only problem is it broke my $40 pain threshold. I thought the belt sander was interesting because the idea of hand sanding anything makes my carpal tunnel scream bloody murder. OTOH, I should probably consider the buffer too. I have a bench grinder, but that buffer looks like it would be easier to bigger parts under.


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If you get buffer, spring the extra cash for 8"
Belt sander will work as a linisher, just use red rough on belt.
It will still be real aggressive but will also make short work of nasty stuff.
1" is really a bit narrow though, most linishers are 4"~6" (maybe wider but I've never used one of those)
Generally better to use a stitched mop, cement and emery powder to make super fine 'soft' grinding wheels on a polisher

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