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Hey all in the PGH area. This bike run is in my home town of Oakdale Borough. They are having their annual fireman's carnival this week. On Saturday, they'll be having a bike run (information is below) The town was hit rather hard by the Ivan flood of 2004, where they lost ALL of their firetrucks. I was evacuated from my home in Coraopolis, so I went ot Oakdale, where my mother still lives. When I got there, the town was completely under water. From what I had heard, the fire department was preparing to deploy to the station to start removing pump trucks to help those being hit by the flood. By the time they got there, the entire garage of hte firehouse was under water, covering all of the trucks inside. Used ones were donated by other surrounding volunteer companies, but I'm sure they could still use the money more than ever. My grandfather was a volunteer for them for most of his life. The information posted below was from a website that lists events in the area, but a calander that I saw listed the registration to start at 12:30, and the bike run to begin at 2 PM. I'll be there with my '77 gl1000, and I'm trying to get my stepdad to show up with his 2008 GL1800 as well. Anyway, it will probably be a good time, riding through small suburbs in the area. (I don't know the route their taking, though) Anyway, the information is there for anyone that wants to consider something to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Hogs For Hoses Motorcycle Run
Oakdale Community Parking Lot
7/24/2010 1pm
Rev up for a good time at this annual fundraiser, complete with food, drink, games and entertainment.
Proceeds benefit the Oakdale Hose Company. Dating to 1893, the all-volunteer company provides fire and rescue service to the small town of Oakdale.
The fee is $20 per bike, $10 per passanger. Call (724) 321-5124 for more information.
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