Blue Haze - a two-stroke miscellany

Does anyone recognise these ones?


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I'd have to thumb through some of my (almost) 50 year-old bike magazines to see if I can find an ad, but they look a lot like J&R aftermarket chambers that were made in the U.S. from the mid-sixties into the '70's.
Buddy of mine picked this up. It's a "Brand new" never fired or installed mt250 elsinore lump. He bought it from a guy that bought it from a tech school. Honda had donated it back in the day, and it got pushed in a corner. It has a few scratches from being moved around some, but man it is neat to see something from that era survive that long.


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This would be a neat man cave piece

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stroker crazy said:

Tell us more …

I know nothing about it. Someone posted it up on a Facebook page with no caption. Wish I did though lol

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I've become the proud owner of a 2005 Tomos Revival moped, the one without pedals!

Not sure it fits on this forum as there's not a snowflakes chance in hell of it doin' the ton! Speedo tops out at 60kmph and I'm told it's comfortable between 25-30kmph! Wave as you jog past me.

If you've never heard of it don't be surprised. They're made in Slovenia.

It needs a bit of TLC to get it up to rego. Parts are not available in Aus. so it's going to be a bit of a challenge. I was however able to pick up a part for the rear brake from the local pushbike shop!

It boasts 49cc of pure Blue Haze with a two speed automatic transmission.

Plan is to have it registered sometime before Christmas.


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stroker crazy said:
It's not easy to find a bike with less power than the 'Ace'!

I've had to revisit the rice pudding recipe to ensure the skin is not to sticky.

I am looking forward to the smell of a two stroke though.

The Ace hasn't been out of the garage for a couple of weeks. I feed guilty every morning as I mount the Bully.

My wife is still a little frosty towards me.... It was too good to not take. You know how it is!
Brodie said:
There are actually a lot of hop up parts for those kind of moped. 90cc kits with fancy porting and the like.

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Yeh, very surprised. A whole other world out there. Have joined the Moped Army forum

Once it's cleaned up and registered I may just look under the lid ;D
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