BMW K1100RS 1994 - to buy or not to buy?


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I'll put this out to the DTT collective, thank you for replies.

I've just spotted a 1994 BMW K1100RS sitting in a front garden looking neglected. Knocked and spoke to the owner's wife who gave me a little bit of background on the bike as well as her thoughts about whether her husband will sell or not.

Turns out the fella has owned this for over 20yrs and had ridden it regularly for the most part of those years.

However, in the summer of 2016 it was MOTd (new tyres at least) and ridden a bit, only for it to be blown over in strong winds which damaged the bodywork, scratched factory paint and broke off the mirror unit. He's ignored it since then. She thinks he just might be tempted to sell which is encouraging...left my card and await a call.

In the meantime, what am I getting in to?

Does anybody have any information about this model, owned one or have some idea of weaknesses and common problems?

I've checked out the web and found parts quite expensive, mirror unit £99 alone!! Also had a peek at custom/brat style RS models and quite like the overall look that can be achieved, although the engine is an ugly lump to be honest.

So do I make him a cheeky low bid, circa £500 ? Not prepared to offer more really. If I get it what should I do to it?

Restore and sell?
Brat it and keep or sell?
Part it out?

Any reply would be great, thank you.
Go for it - but only if you want to keep it as a project.

I've owned 6 variations over the years - all as Cafe Racers, Race Reps, etc. OEM bodywork sells off for good money - pay £500 for the bike and you'll virtually get that back for the plastics, seat and other squitter that's not needed. They don't break that well [ pricewise ] as they rarely go wrong. You'll get £250+ for the head - but probably only £300 for the engine.

Also, not really at the collectors stage yet - so a refurb / resto won't make you a millionaire

They are bulletproof. My pal races one in the B.E.A.R.S. series - champion for 3 years. Very minor mods - RAM shock rear and RAM progressive fork springs, engine blueprint and that's about it. You can swap up later wheels - 5 spoke 5.5" and 6" drops straight in on the back. You need a special spindle if you want a matching 5 spoke front.

Plenty of cheap spares around - obviously NOT if you buy BMW.! ;D

They handle and are quick - 140mph and 120mph ALL DAY LONG.

Swap the exhaust out for a good collector [ downpipes OK ] and a decent can - and it will sound like a bike and not a car !

Bottom line - if you want to be different to the herd and still have a quick, reliable and good handling bike - then they make good sense. I've still got mine [ K100RS version ] !

Race rep route [ S1000RR style ]

Tracker / fighter - or naked Cafe Racer - loads of options.

My pal's race bike

Hmmm....OK....let's see how it call yet. Thank you for the in-depth review Beachy mucho appreciated man
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