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ok so stick with me on this one... so i started this build in 2008... then life happened and it got pushed to the back of the line... then the shop expanded and we have been building bikes, sleds, quads, you name it... well now it is finally the 350's time... it is insane how much has changed since the start of this project so alot of this will be a catch up, and then of course to re-do what i had done before. Now with Tim around and his unreal ability to work with metal and mad man welding skills the bike will finally have the life it started out for so many years ago...
first lets get updated from the past

I rode this bike in college... here is when i got home from school

tear down started

first tank i knee dented

then... about here is where we come in and need to start to redo... i changed the upper rails

then a buddy stretched the swing arm for me


Tim and i pulled her from under the covers in the back and decided to build and sell the bike... so here we go

stripped down

made an adjustable bar to figure out ride height and trail so we could move the shock mounts on the swing arm

installed the knobby front tire on a 21 rim... i thought i got a XL250 rim however i got a KL250 rim so this will not work... the XL rim works perfect for the center hub of a 15mm axle, where as the KL has a 12mm... so ill have some spokes cut and i can lace the 21 hoop to the stock 350 hub... i think it will look much cleaner to have it all match front and rear hubs anyway... the back will get a vintage ribbed tire
for mock up a temp axle was made up to work

now we tried to figure out what tank... bear in mind we want to powder everything so the bondo on the knee dent tank would not really work so well and we would have to bust out the guns and shoot it if we went this way...

while that was noodled on... shaved the ears

then we decided on a tank... Tim sectioned the frame... this will all later be welded in and re enforced... rather than re tunneling the tank we are going to mod the back bone

also the stock mounts kind of sucked so those where redone

and with that we have a profile

and here she sat last night as we stared at it trying to plan our next step



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I really like the stance you have on her so far. Nice tank choice too. You going to put a knobby on the rear too? I think it would tire them in, kind of a back road bomber style.


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an extra set of hands and idea's can go A LONG WAY! Nice to see this one come out from the wood work


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yeah, this will be a cool little bugger! nice work boy's.............................................. ;)


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spent some time doing the small things today like cleaning up the frame... next we will jig it and redo the back section of the frame

tank mount is no more

center stand supports



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well the awesome fun of building a vintage bike strikes again... just when i get a new swing arm on the way... found the 2nd issue... the trees are done on this bike... done... the back up set that i have is different, but the fork tubes are destroyed on the back up set... soooooo looking for a new set of trees now... after the upper tree is all shaved and looking clean now we may not be able to use the upper either...

smooth shaved upper

few shots of the lower tree

but now on to some cool stuff!
time to fill in the area for the frame that was cut out to allow for the new tank to work

then Timmy welded up the seam and smoooooothed out the back bone

next to address the tank sitting so high on the back bone the seam that these fames have needed to be removed... this was done in sections filling in the area with weld till it was completed and smooth

then some small things... found the seat pan kit i had stashed away... ditching the bee hive springs and going to 3.5 Torsion Springs instead

trying to keep the vintage look i did find a HUGE old school speedo that we'll tear down and restore

then last i am going to convert this old brass bell into a tail light for the bike


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Wow Joe, too bad you are selling it, someone is going to end up with a sweet little bobber. Heal up so you can at least rip up the road once before you sell it.


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thanks man... we are going to try to start flipping some vintage bikes... there are like none out here cause all the shops will refuse to work on them. so this way we can be the go to shop for work/bikes... plus, i love working on them!


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Good plan. I know what you mean very few shops around here will look at old bike either. I know 1 good shop but they are like 2 months backlogged with re-builds etc. I feel like setting up something for fixing old bikes up too, once I get a little more knowledge under my belt.


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Glad to see the dust come off this one Joe. Sucks about the trees but with so many out there hopefully you'll be able to source some for cheap. Anxious to see what you end up doing with the frame etc


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Thanks Troy... been a long time coming huh! hahaha... what can i say, Willow inspired me!

well yesterday i had some "dad" stuff to do with the wife... Tim was in the shop and got some more done on the frame... it is coming along nicely so far!!!

no need to keep the crash bar mount

then since we are going to be running the smaller tank alot more of the frame will show... and the metal work is UGLY... so to clean it up, alot of the areas where filled




then the seams needed to be addressed as we can not have big gaps in the frame, that will look horrible under the powder



then the rear swingarm/exhaust hanger was up next... now this is not completed yet... but is all tacked in... we are still not 100% how the exhaust is going to be made and if we will need a support back there or not... so it is a work in progress still but here is where that sits

what was cut off

here she sits


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Flying along boys, loving the progress on this build! cant wait to see it all mocked up and i love the bell light idea, may have to use that one joe! ;)


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smoothed out the frame and began to finish buttoning up the area that is left on the frame

then started to smooooooth out the frame

pic of how the tank fits (yes the petcocks are being moved)

then we moved on to head light

mount welded in

and an old set of vintage risers i found in my dads basement... these will really clean up the top of the trees!


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I'm just loving this build - a little enginuity and a lot of vision - fantastic.
BTW - those bars look spot on for my own Cafe-Creme Boardtrackerish thing - stock Honda ?


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looks good so far!
Sucks about the triple trees. It is such a crap shoot when buying a used front end. I have had 3 front ends that I picked up used end up being tweaked.

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