Borrani rims for SOHC CB750K/F


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I don't think a lotta folks realize that Borranis are so much cheaper and also available new for that matter, as I keep seeing people sporting Excel rims - Hey, I'm going with Excel too but only where it's warranted, like with a big fat rear rim for radials - but I'm still putting a 3x18 Borrani up front! They're awesome rims, super duper light - I've got an NOS 3x16 right here next to me it's mind-blowing how much lighter they are than DID alloy rims for example - and the thing is they've got that vintage street cred factor that just drips with Nostalgia - and that's a big part of vintage bikes ennit?



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I think once you add shipping to the US$160 price per rim from Italy, the cost becomes pretty significant. Certainly not cheap or much cheaper than Excel.

$248 for the shouldered Excel rim from Buchanan's in the US.

$210 for the WM style Excel rims

Their house-brand Sun Rims are $210 or so for made-in-USA rims.

I also don't see anywhere on the rim that these Borrani rims are authentic Borrani rims. I don't read Italian so I have no idea what the auction says, but they could just be made-in-China knock-offs that MikesXS sells for XS650s (36 spokes) for $80 per rim in the USA.

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