Boston area Rockers unite!


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hey guys since there isnt a Boston club i want to get one started. if your up for it let me know and i'll set up a meet once the weather warms up.
Yes im interested in a Proper Rocker Establishment in the Boston Area.. to be brothers to the CT ROCKERS!...

Hey Ratt, I'm in Salem, right next door to you man. I would attend one of these, even help out if needed and as my fatherly time allows...
alright sounds good, i'll let you guys know whats goin on. most likely we'll be hangin with the CT Rockers since there close by until we get a proper group together.
I'm in boston, Though I'm riding an enfield at the moment. Waiting till winter to pick up a new project.
an enfield is still a sweet bike man you'd be more than welcome to come, and as of now it looks like nothing is going to happen till next summer aince ive been very busy and my own bike isnt finished yet. but there is a car show in Danvers MA right next to the liberty tree mall every wed. night and i know of one guy who goes with a cafe so if you guys wanna set somethin up to meet there one night i'd be down i just wont have a bike :p.
Soooo...totally noob post here, from a noob who doesn't even own a cafe as of yet...I'm looking into getting a used (BUT street DRIVABLE) vintage Honda, either a CB550, 500, or 450. I'd prefer a 450 but I'm having trouble finding one!
I was originally going to finance one of the new bonnies, as I'm a huge Triumphrat, but I figured that I'd rather dump a $2k bike that I put $2-3k and a helluva lot of time and energy into...than dump a $9k bike.

This would be my first bike, first cafe, but NOT my first build. I used to mod Hondas ( Civic EX, Prelude, and some Acuras too) when I was just out of high school. If anyone has a bead on a running, street legal/drivable mid 70's CB series bike PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!
@Rockers CT, Thanks for the link man. Although I like the looks of this bike, I am actually looking more for a base bike that I can caf'inate myself. I am not a master at wrenching, but I have some experience building cars.

I really want a bike that has my own blood, sweat and tears built into it.

That being said, what are your feelings/impressions on the 70's CB series...I think I want something with a little more oomph than a 125cc bike...I'm currently looking at 350's -550's ...

Any advice you'd be willing to impart on a newb would be greatly appreciated!

All CB's (pre 76) are great and make fine Caff's.. If you want a really nice one pick up a 75' 400F.. those are fantastic and you can probably pick up a nice one (pre-modification) for about $1,200 - 1,500..

Make sure you re-enforce the tail sections of your frames.... They are wobbly... you can get alot of weight off by getting rid of the bat, airbox, chainguard, and all types of shit.. there pound pigs when they start....

One of our mats CB550 is the guy to really ask.. he shoots out a new CB caff every week it seems....

Good luck and if you have any questions just shoot..

I'll keep my eye open for ya, if i come by any deals i'll let ya know. also if anyone wants to meet up at the car show in danvers on wed. night let me know! it would be a good way to get to know our Boston area members. and if the CT Rockers wanna show up too i wouldnt be a bad thing..... talkin to you Seth haha.
thats cool, if not we could set somethin up for one of the upcoming weekends also. im sure that would be easier for alot of people. i just wanted to get a little meet up together before hand.
@GarageRatt13 - I'm down for meeting up when ever is clever, though I usually work until 6pm in Cambridge, and Thursday nights are also bad for me.

By the By - Does anyone know where I might be able to get some garage space in or near Medford (further out of the city or up the north shore are all possibilities. I need a winter space to store/work on the bike I will be buying soon!)

Not much action on this topic for a while, but I live in Lynn and just picked up a '75 CB500T...nice barn find from up in northern Maine. This will be a winter project, so with any luck, I hope to have a first edition ride ready for spring/summer...basic mods for starters...bars, seat, exhaust, electrical...maybe carbs. Anyway, if there's any get-togethers or group rides in the Boston area, count me in.
Well, winter is slow for sure and everyone has builds, but this spring should see some good rides.

I know a hand full of good dudes in the Salem/Beverly area that are always willing to ride.

And hopefully the Greasebag Jamboree ride will happen again this year. The dude who organizes it lives in Salem as well!

Lots of North Shore guys hanging around.

And if you don't know, here are a couple pages to watch later in the year.

Just the two I know of and went too last year.
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