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I have a Suzuki gn 250 I would like to put braided front line onto. It is a rolling project.

How do I go about measuring for the banjo bolts is it as simple as which size spanner?
Is their different bore pipes?
I have measured length at full extension

Thanks for any help


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Banjo bolts are usually 10mm, your question is vague. What's wrong with the stock banjo bolts? Where have you looked for braided steel brake lines? I did a quick google search of Suzuki GN 250 braided steel brake lines and came up with many options.
Or just take the line off and take it to a shop and have a line made up, probably cheaper too!
Sorry I am in uk and was going to use this site as have no locally Indy shops
But needed no know banjo sizes.
And was wondering how to measure them correctly.
I need 200mm shorter than standard cable

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Whereabouts in the UK, i'm in surrey.

You can order online too, i bought an 'experimental' pair of lines from china last year, they are perfectly ok.

As 01marc says i'd expect them to be 10mm, measure the diameter of the 'hole' in the banjo fitting.
Then measure the length you want, i use a bit of string/wire to mockup and allow for suspension movement !
Then consider is you want straight or angled fittings

Thats it, youre ready to order!

I am in Norfolk near Norwich
I thought it would be the 10 mm still in use some days (rolling project) and wanted to save stripping before I ordered if I could.
I have looked at some cables from China just checking measurements before ordering this weekend.
Hope to get before Christmas

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I've used many times, and would thoroughly recommend them.
Their brake lines come with new stainless banjo bolts, and copper washers. Very competitively priced too.
I got mine off hel web site they have a section on there that let you make them to custom length you need to no what pitch your threads are .they will probably be 1.25 to order new bango bolts .but you don't need to no that when ordering your lines .they will be 10 mm .bango bolts .price is 25 pound per line I did away with my spliter at front just ran lines from master cylinder .don't no if you have twin discs .I'm in UK delivery time was 2 days .
what I thought was measure head of banjo bolt m8,m10 to figure hole size in banjo fitting. Then no need to strip, that's why I wondered about banjo bolt
On a plus size just found a shorter speedo cable (comes gt250/z50)

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