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Well I got to go to the garage today and get a little done . Got the rear fender mounted and then played around with 2 tanks .

Fender mounted


I'm starting to like this tank


and the original tank and side cover . Kinda thinking of going this way , but then again who knows that could change in an hour LOL

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Lookin' good man. The fender is really clean. Still interested to see the rear suspension on this thing... And for what its worth, the red tank is 100% better than the stock one.
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Looks great! Haven't been on the forum lately but it's good to see it's filling up with people who possess a lot of talent!
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The machine is looking awesome!!! Im starting to look into raking the front end on mine. I would like to make a lot of front end changes on mine though.
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Trek ..... I'm pretty much gonna leave the front alone for now .

Bruno..... Thats what I'm gonna go with . After the opinions of many and staring at the pics of both tank setups I agree with everyone on the red. Thanks
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i like a stock front end. I think it's coming along great. Your setup is what I had in mind if I ever get back to my bike...but since I'm a daily rider I can't bring myself to make any changes. Can't wait to see the progress on this. I also agree with Mike, the red tank looks great on here.
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Havent had a chance to work on it in a while . Tonight I got to set up the rear shocks to see what they will look like . On the top there is a plate about a half inch thick I am going to weld to the frame . On the bottom I cut the mount off the bottom of the old shock and I'm gonna weld that to the swing arm . Hopefully I can do this soon . Here is a pic of what I'm talking about .

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This is going to be cool. I wish my welding was up to par enough to try something like that. Keep up the good work!
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very nice!! im thinking of extending the swingarm on my CB750k. keep up the good work man!
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Got the shock brackets tacked in place . I know looks no different than the last update LOL

Right side


Left side

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How long and what are they off? I've been looking for some shorties for a while.
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