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Could be that the left carb is lean. What colour is the spark plug?
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Hmm it does not sound like it is lean then. Well that is all I can think of. Hopefully someone else will chime in.
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Is it running hot on the left or just running cool on the right?

Assuming compression is good (and valves adjusted), it probably is in your carbs Kevin. I would hope the jets are the same between left and right, and it's just a little dirt clogging up the right carb.

Hi Its been a while since I posted .Started working on this again and have a question . Where is the best and cheapest place to get new fork tubes ? Thanks
Wow, nice polishing..............

I read through this whole thread, good work.

May get me motivated to get out and play with my SL350 frame.

Got 2 other bikes with carb issues first.

Glad to see you back at it.
Thanks . It's been a while since I started it and finally ave time to get back at it . What gave me the bug was a series on you tube called Saturday's Wrench . I suggest watching it the guy does a great job at showing how everything is done .
Finally getting back to work on it


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trees are together now to order new tubes and seals


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Good job on the frame and trees.

I'm still in a holding pattern on my 350.
Dayyyyyyum....that thing looks neat.

Looks like you got your wheel.
actually that is on I had laying around . Cut the hub out of another one and sand blasted then clear coated it . Blasted the rim and gonna send it out for powder coat maybe this week . Just cant decide on a color .
Got the new fork tubes and seals in last week . Cant wait to get the built and installed . Getting really close to a roller
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