Bridgestone M2/SS 200cc Motorcycle Restoration! She Is Still Winning Awards!


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I am very proud to announce that I will be working with Brother casi85 to restore his Bridgestone M2/SS!

We will be taking her down to the bare frame and posting a lot of photos of the restoration so we hope you all enjoy this thread!

Today I received the motorcycle and took a few photos before I started working on her.




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Me too! Love the style... twin scrambler style pipes... love it!
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Very cool. Love these little bikes. Im sure it'll be a stunner when finished!
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Thank you for your support Brothers!

We started working on her and removed the exhaust, engine, skid plate, rear fender, shocks, rear wheel, etc.


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Dont know if this helps but I still havent seen a tank..... ;D ;D
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Thanks for the post atx360! Good find. I have 2 tanks already which one is beyond repair I believe and the other is in great reworkable shape. I was able to call in a few favors with some local vintage 2 wheeler friends who were able to get me a very good condition used tank. I love the design and lines of the original tank... they are truelly a piece of artwork!

Looking good Joey! Can't wait to see the stages of her recovery.
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Dad was here yesterday and we spent some really nice quality time working on the Bridgestone togethor! We got her down to the bare frame and are inspecting all of the parts now. The plan is to go ahead and restore the frame first so that as we restore each part individually we can bolt them back to the frame.

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joeyputt said:
The plan is to go ahead and restore the frame first so that as we restore each part individually we can bolt them back to the frame.
That's a great plan of attack. I used the very same method with mine.
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I had a small delay trying to get the frame in primer as we have had a lot of rain recently however it was nice this afternoon so I was able to prime it! Now that I have the frame ready to paint I can start working on all of the smaller parts so there will be a lot of photos this week!

Here is how the frame looks now!




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Habanero52 said:
Looking good!

I am very happy that you like it Brother!

Today I started working on restoring the front end parts for the Bridgestone, I have the headlight mounts and lower triple tree primed and ready for paint!


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Today I painted the headlight mounts and the lower triple tree, I also started working on the front forks and restored the rear shocks.

I have not clear coated these parts yet however these photos show how they look so far.



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Thank you Brother Tim, your kind words mean more to me than you know!

Brother casi85 is locating all of the new engine parts and has already acquired a new old stock crankshaft so we split the engine cases to clean and inspect the rest of the internal components and the transmission.


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We had beautiful weather today and the temperature was in the 80's so I painted the frame for the Bridgestone this afternoon! Brother casi85 has been acquiring a lot of very nice parts so I am looking forward to starting the assembly of them to the frame now that it is painted!

I showed the before photo of the frame and photos of when I primed it however here is the before photo again for comparison!


This is how she looks now!







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I made some more progress on the Bridgestone today and took a few photos while I was working.

The new coils came in so I went ahead and set them on the frame.


I also worked on the swingarm and sprayed it with primer.


The footpegs and mounts were pretty rough so I fully disassembled them and worked on restoring them this afternoon. The pegs, mounts, and hardware were originally a natural finish so I removed the rust and restored them to a clean natural finish and resealed them with shark hide. Brother casi85 also sent some new rubber for the front pegs so I installed them as well.

This photo shows what the pegs, mounts, and hardware looked like when I started.


This photo shows the front footpegs steel components after I removed the old rubber and the rust.


Here is a photo of the new rubber that Brother casi85 sent for the front footpegs.


These photos show the restored front and rear pegs, mounts, and hardware ready for installation on the frame after Brother casi85's approval. I did not smooth the casting marks on the pegs or mounts like we would do on our custom builds as Brother casi85 has requested that we restore everything as close to factory as possible which I agree is the proper thing to do with this build.


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What a way to go into the weekend... thanks JOE :p ! They look better than new... I look forward to the rest of the build and should have more parts arriving to you in the next few weeks to tie off the loose ends of parts missing.
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Brother I am really enjoying working with you on this build and it is so good to hear that you are happy! All of the parts that you have already acquired are beautiful so I can not wait to see what comes next!

I am working on finishing the fork legs and swingarm so I can mount the front and rear suspensions to the frame, I also bolted the footpegs to the frame and put the new chrome rear brake pedal on.

This is how she looks now!


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