Bring XB back

Tune-A-Fish© said:
I believe many think of his language as humorous.


A common excuse when someone is called out for unacceptable behaviour: "I was just joking"

Tune-A-Fish© said:
XB is an asset to DTT

His contributions regarding bikes were worth reading, but his insane rants went way beyond being tolerable.

Holy Crap!
I noticed it was a lot quieter around here, but hadn't realized why :eek:

Thanks Tim ;)
And if you clean the dog shit off the floor, people will enjoy the aroma a lot better.
Xb.. i didnt even react to his crazy talk, most steel workers live extreme lives and harbor extreme opinions, machinists usually are a bit more level headed than us welders though. Maybe he socializes a bit too much with welders?
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