Bringing my XR home

Bringing my XR650L home on the ferry from Long Island
Final destination will be the cycle shop in JoBobs Trading Post, Waves,NC
There it will cease to exist as an XR and be transformed into a fire breathing....
Already has lots done to it, J&E high compression pistons, race cams, fmf pipe and silencer, warp 9 17 inch wheels... it is snappy, crisp and barks with authority
Will be getting a full makeover cosmetically as well, i have a Kawasaki H1 tank for her - still need to figure the seat out and what rear frame mods will need to be made for a brat style seat, lowering it - front and rear (has anybody changed over to a GSXR type set of forks?)
Am wondering about the geometry and the effects of lowering - what does a one inch drop in the rear do to maneuverability - versus a two inch drop...
Don’t really want to just lower the forks in the trees - would rather shorten the forks
Are there posts here that i have not found yet that deal with this stuff?

My other bike currently under construction is a 67 cb77 that is going total cafe. Just finished grinding and got the frame cleaned - a little more work there and off it goes to be powder coated.
That bike is for cruising around and for looking at - XR is for rearranging the molecular content of the asphalt beneath her and the cranium above her...
Hope people that have already traveled the road i have just started down might be able to point out some worthwhile reading...


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nice but we need pics of teh CB77 as a build thread preferably. Those bikes are so small compared to anything made today and were so much fun in their day. Somewhere here I still have a race crank and cams and maybe a complete motor lurking in a quiet corner.

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