Brodie's '72 Honda XL250 Motosport!


Gold Coast, Queensland
Looks like I will need to buy/make a new tool to change the bearings.

I also can't manage to get the sprocket carrier removed. The parts fiche shows me that there is a circlip somewhere in the mix but I can't find it.
Any hints?


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On the GoldWings, I took a ~2.5cmX2cmX30cm aluminum scrap and drilled two hole near one end the proper spacing to match two opposite holes in the keeper, and used drill bit shanks through them to engage the keeper (remember to drill out the stakes first). Just one more hole permitted its use for the front bearing, also.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Well I got the rear wheel pulled apart. The circlip I was looking for was under a dust seal that I missed due to being overly careful. Didn't want to just pry stuff off but today I did.

Dust seal off, circlip out then onto the bearing retainer.

A 4.8mm and a 5mm drill bit worked well to remove the retainer once I had drilled the stakes out.

Then it was onto the front end. Needed a bit of heat to get the bolts in the top yoke loose but that wouldn't stop me.

Dust seal looks like it didn't do much...

Now to track down a taper roller bearing replacement kit for her.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Slow and steady seems to work for me.
Today I removed the engine from the frame.
Got it onto the bench and pulled out the stainless bolt kit I bought.
I pulled 1 bolt at a time and measured it against the one from the kit before replacing it. Left side and some of the head was done.

My plan is to replace all the bolts I can and give the engine a good scrub. I want to wait for the new gasket kit to arrive before I hit the engine with the pressure washer and degreaser.

Going to paint the two side covers as close to the original green as I can. Undecided for the engine. I do love a black engine with polished parts.

Came across 2 stripped bolt heads under the points cover that I will need to cut slots in before I can remove them.

Slow and steady. I am looking at Pirelli Scorpion MT90s for tyres. Has anyone tried these?


Gold Coast, Queensland

Time to clean the grime off.
The pressure washer got most of the grease off but it will still need a good scrub and degreaser.


I made a start on changing the right hand cover bolts once the engine had dried off.

I will give it a proper scrub once the new gaskets arrive. I think I will go with black for the engine. Not stock but the bike is far too silver as a whole stock.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Not much to update. Had one of the boys at work repair the battery holder and side stand.
The battery holder had a crack through where the exhaust heat shield bolts on. That was TIGd back together.
The stand was far too short. Not sure it is for this bike but none the less it worked with a block of wood under it.
So it has been extended 70mm and a new foot has been attached.
Pictures once I finish work.

Starting to get a decent bucket together for the powder coater.
I am unsure what I want to use for bars though. Do I keep the stock ones or upgrade. If I upgrade do I go to 1 1/8 bars or stay with 7/8.


Gold Coast, Queensland
That was my thinking as well. Might find a nice alloy set of 7/8 for it rather than the original. They need a rechrome and are no doubt bent from the several times I dropped her when I was younger.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Time to clean up the guards.
These will get a coat of generic metallic silver for now.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Pictures of the repaired battery holder and side stand as promised.

Also have a bucket of parts to go to the powder coater.
Just need to knock the dents out of the bash guard.

Now that I need to do that I do recall getting stuck on a log and suddenly stopping about 12 years ago. Future Brodie problems have finally caught up.


Gold Coast, Queensland
After a bit of light sand blasting the guards came up ok. On to the hand sanding and smoothing for paint.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Thanks guys, haven't achieved much the past few days. Been far too hot. The shed has been around 40°c and the humidity has been around 95%. Joys of summer in SEQ.

Today the wind was up so the temp came down a fair bit and I was able to get some work done.

Managed to get all the old sunburnt plastic off the guards along with giving them a decent sand to prep for paint. I used a combination of light sand blasting, razor scraping and sanding to get the guards smoothed down.
As seen in the previous post after a light blasting all the loose paint was lifted. I then moved on to using a brand new razor at around a 90° angle to scrape all the dried out plastic away.
Then I grabbed the random Orbital with some 240g W/D paper to get rid of most of the scratches from the razor.
The darker areas on the plastic are just from where I had rinsed the plastic dust away with the garden hose.

The new gasket kit arrived today as well.

Looks like I will be able to get that engine cleaned up in the new year.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Got a good part of the afternoon in the shed today.
Decided to take my new 18v angle grinder for a spin and sort out the farm job repair that was done to the right hand footpeg mount.
It looked as if the bolt had snapped off and a stud was welded in place rather than a proper extract and repair being done.

Out came the grinder and I took the bolt and chicken splatter weld off. I had considered turning the bolt down and using a die to run a new thread over it but that was just lazy so I decided to do it right.

Is that a tap I see in there? Sure looks like a tap.

Yep that's a tap. Who in their right mind would have snapped a tap off and said "Stuff it I'll just weld a bolt over it.

4 broken drill bits later and it was out.
Looks like they may have tried to drill each side of the tap to get it free.
I ran my 10mm tap through to clean everything up but I will take the frame in to work and have the hole made round again to get a proper amount of thread in there.

A test fit shows that the footpeg mount now sits flush and doesn't wobble. Much happier with that.

Once I have the frame sorted I will take everything out to the powder coater and have a nice coat of gloss black put on. Then the rebuild can begin.


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Lol. Nice fix. Kind of like the broken lever perch on the cb. It had a ziptie and a hose clamp holding the cable adjuster in place. WTF comes to mind a lot.

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