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gt alex

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It's not too bad but more is always nice.
Have you thought about raising the height of the tank?
It looks as if the top of the tank is below the top of the upper fork yoke.
If you were to make them level you may gain another litre or two without affecting the look of the bike too much.
What can I say Brodie, your right.
I was thinking of lowering the rear of the tank to get it as parallel as possible with the seat line but to get another litre in the tank I am raising the front and lengthening it about 20 mm, should make it about 13-5-14.5 which I am much happier with.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Haha I am only asking questions. You are the man getting it done.
Raising the front to make it parallel with the seat sounds like a great idea.

gt alex

Been Around the Block
Just making a trolley for my new welder today still needs wheels, handle, and toolbox. then I can star welding my new tank.

gt alex

Been Around the Block
I have started cutting out my final patterns for the tank and started thinking of paint.
I am thinking Frame and swing arm black base with dark blue candy over it.
Seat and tank Black gloss with a little metal flake and some sort of bright colour detail.
And a little less duct tape.
How does that sound to you all? Any better thoughts?

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