Building a brat style seat for my cm200t


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That Ichiban seat is gorgeous. I'd've liked to have seen him work the "Hore" on the sign into the finished seat design but that's because I'm a reprobate.


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LOL Ichiban to the rescue. That aside, an easy way to make a brat style seat is to use 1/2" plywood, coat it with polyurethane on the bottom to protect it from moisture then layer in closed cell foam, thin but comfy. cover in vinyl or leather. Bolt it on and done. I found good closed cell foam in kneeling pads that you can sit on all day long and not get sore. you can round the sides for looks and comfort, plywood is easy to staple to as well. A fiberglass pan can be made with a little more work and you can also use alloy or steel, those pans you need to drill and then rivet the cover usually as you can't staple.

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