Buying a bike, title transfer questions


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So, the bike I'm looking at right now and purchasing tomorrow is a 79 cb650 all original but the bike's been parked for the passed ten years. Brian is the name of the guy that I'm buying it off of. He told me that the bike is in his father's name and that his father is out of state. I've never bought something in another state personally and brought it back here, have always signed a title over in front of a notary or tags place. He told me that all he's ever done is just scribbled something down in Jersey and that they don't care. Has anyone on here ever dealt with anything like this before? The bike is in good condition otherwise. I have a brand new tank for it and a set of carbs I rebuilt two months ago, no worries about the mechanical soundness of the bike.
His father needs to sign the title.

Likely no one would know if he signed it in his father's name, but that could come back to bite you if he wanted it to. He could claim the bike was stolen and then use the fact that that's not the right signature to back it up. Unlikely but possible.

I'd just tell him you'll wait until his dad gets back and you can see him sign it and see what he says.
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