Cafe Invasion - 2011 Leesburg FL Bikefest


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First I think we need to pick a day. I suggest Saturday the 9th.

Next we need to decide what we want to do.

1 - Meet early (7ish or so) then head down to Bikefest so we all can grab parking spots in the street down town. Do the Bikefest thing till noonish, meet back at the bikes and do a ride to a lunch/dinner place. Do a meal then head back to bikefest for the evening events.

2 - Meet later (9ish), do a ride ending up at Bikeweek, cruise down Main Street till we find a place where we can all park together. Do Bikefest till late after noon. Meet back up at the bikes, ride to a place to eat, and go from there (people head out or back to Bikefest).

3 - Some other time line.

I've got a couple ideas for places to eat....

1st - Cousin Vinnies Chicken Wings ( or check them out on Facebook) - BEST CHICKEN WINGS OUTSIDE OF BUFFALO & Biker Friendly!!

2nd - O'Keefe's Irish Pub ( or check them out on Facebook).

3rd - The Frosty Mug - (

Some other place to eat.

Just throwing this out there.


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Here is the tentitive plan if everyone is down....

Meet at 9am Saturday the 9th at Perkins, 989 West Orange blossom Trail, Apopka FL 32712. This seems like a good central location. Have breakfest and oggle bikes.

From there do the Sugar Loaf Mountain, Minneola FL loop a time or two. Then head over to Bikefest.

Hang out at Bike fest till late afternoon then head to one of two places for eats.

1st - Cousin Vinnies Chicken Wings ( The Best Wings in central FL and a small varity of suds. Vinnie is a biker and he is very receptive to this idea. Depending on number attending we may be able to bring in a DJ with motorcycle games like he does on Bike Night and Pinstriper.

2nd - O'Keefe's Irish Pub ( A wider varity of food and drink options. Nice pub but will only be a eat & drink place. Great lake front location though.

After that group can go their own way either home or back to Bikefest.


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