"Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

This is how bikes go to die.
I'm all for Street Fighters, but this poor kid bought a P.O.S. and it seems to have gotten P.O.Shittier. Missing/dented bodywork, bad electrics, not running, etc. To me, I'd feel OK giving $2-300 for it since it has a title. All it *probably* needs is a good carb clean and straightening out the hacked up electrics. But it's a modern bike and could get expensive fast, especially when you can find running 600cc bikes for $1500 pretty easily.
He won't get his asking price, it'll sit on the back patio in the weather and, in a few years, it's off to the scrap heap when the new renters move in.


"94 cbr 600 street fighter, does not run at the moment needs carb work, leaks gas from the carbs and I have a new right control start/kills witch but it still needs to be wired in. has a new tail light with it too but need to also be wired in. will deliver for full price and gas money assuming you come by before hand and confirm you want it. runs strong got a ride in before I started having carb problems, throttle cables were just replaced. this was my first bike but im looking for one that runs as my main transportation that's why im selling it,may trade for a running motorcycle and may throw cash in,make me offers. text me anytime, William."
I'd actually buy that if it were closer. Threw a rod out of my 94 F2. Take the frent end and wheels for something else. Throw the rest away and call it good.
If those are real bids, he should consider removing the reserve :eek:

I see a front hub, tank and a set of pegs (mounted as to prevent flip flop riding shoes) the rest is dime a dozen.
If that's a member here I'd like to say congrats, you've managed to get a bid for double the value of your bike. Take Tunes advice and lower the reserve because if these bids are real it is a fluke.

Rear tire definitely hits under full compression.

No thats not a typo! $10K!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
^Seems legit.

Must be the Kerker.

Fuckin tell ya what guys, at least he's not asking 13k for a bratard.


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Could be a good deal just to steal the suspension from and try to part what's left of the motor. Looks like an 80's ninja 600?
yep an' 85 or so i could tell you a strory about a road trip to the usgp at laguna one year,that was the race after rainey was hurt at misano, 93 ? i borroewed one of those, great lil bike
16'' front wheel i am not sure if good tars are still available the trip tho was a real fear and loathing type deal i best not speak any more of that tho :-[ :-\ :eek: :eek: 8) :( ;D
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