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VonYinzer said:
Ya... There are local members of the Pagans here that still ride old Bonnie chops. Hell, theres an article floating around the web somewhere about how the clubs all loved cb750 chops because they were faster, more reliable, and easier to ride than the Brit and American stuff. The big change came in the late 60s and 70s. The American "outlaw" clubs went from being just drug dealing miscreants, to PATRIOTIC drug dealing miscreants due in part to the Vietnam war. Contrary to popular belief, the clubs of the day hated hippies. They often got into violent confrontations with anti war protesters and the like. Converting over to HDs only was a sign of patriotic solidarity. And you could still buy surplus and used Harleys for 1/2 the cost of a new Honda or Triumph. Its all a bs image thing. Especially now when HDs are 75% foriegn made parts.
I remember reading that in the early days Triumphs were the choice for the Pagans and that they are one of the few American 1% clubs that still allow members to ride Triumphs, whatever you think about the club at least in terms of what bike the ride they are not hypocrites.


^^^ agreed, but I'll never understand how the whole outlaw, fuck society, but wave the flag thing works..
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