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So im building a 75 XS500b into a lil cafe bike . and im to the point where im at a total stop do to how to wire it right. im going for hiding as much as i can which is ok but where i need help is the wiring. i have the stock wiring harness which i would like to use. im going to hide everything under the seat so i know i need to have lil longer wires. im planning on using new elec ignition,head light,tail light,brake light,tach. everything else is gone no turn signals no speedo.

so what do i need to keep and what can i lose? would like new coils new elec parts i just dont know what to get for a good set up. and what do you do with the wires you dont use? here is where i am on the bike now !


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Honestly you might be just as well off wiring it from scratch.

Break it down into sections to more easily digest it.


-battery, to a main on/off switch, to a kill switch on the handlebars to the coils.

Charging system

-rotor/stator to your regulator/rectifier to your battery


-headlight through an hi/low/off switch on your handlebars
-brake light through two switches - one for front brake, one for rear to the brake light
-running light - from the main on/off switch to your running light
-signal lights - power from the main on/off switch to the flasher relay to the signal light switch on your bars to the left / right signals

That's about it.

Some 16ga nice marine wire (I used Ancor brand tinned wire - nice stuff and comes in different colors), some bullet connectors from Z1 Enterprises, MikesXS or other shop (or insulated blade connectors from any local Pep Boys or the like), an inline blade fuse (my XS runs on a single 10A fuse with no issues). Nice wire stripping tool, crimping tool, zip-ties, heat shrink...

I think this was my last wiring diagram.



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very cool tim thanks ! going to start working on it tonight and start making a list of what i need . but if im not using turn signals or horn do i need say the turn signal relay? guess im looking at a im making a new harness deal ! i see you use boyer parts and that it looks like your only using one coil not two? i know NOTHING about the wiring lol this should be fun ! but if it was easy everyone would do it !


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Draw the diagram first. Just like the one in your manual. Start by drwaing things that you know you'll have. Headlight, taillight, motor, tach, etc. Make sure to include the switches and an inline fuse. Than connect them all. Its like a big game of connect the dots. Once you have it on paper, start on the bike. Like Tim said, wire one system at a time to keep from getting confused, and make sure everything is attached to the bike where it'll be when your done. Use the highest quality materials you can afford. It honestly seems much more daunting than it is. When you finish the diagram on paper, post it up here and ask folks to take a look to see if you missed anything. Good luck man!


Bang Cut Grind ..Dam Did I Need That Part ?
OK so i looked over the wiring and i think i have a lil grip on it . but i have this Q: what can i use?
Putting all new elecs on it and starting with elec ignition,coils from Dyna but do i need to get aftermarket or OEM rectifier,condenser,reg ? and if im putting out more current from the coils i would think aftermarket?


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Now move it out of engine section and start a new one for electrical ;D


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Whats coming out of the coils isnt an issue to the harness.

As far as reg/rec, get a one piece unit from a modern bike. Ninja 250 units can be had for around $20.


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so i can run new wires for the harness to get the length i need . any thoughts on a nice elec ignition and coil set up? running stock motor,pods,not sure on carbs.


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Tim and Von are spot on. Do one simple circuit on paper and then the next.

headlight and tail light
Brake lights

I would use all new wire and I would suggest that you use 5 ohm DYNA coils plus a PAMCO ignition. Wire a Relay in to operate the ignition so that the RUN (aka Kill) switch turns on the relay relay and that connects power to the coils and from there to the Ignition system to ground.

It's not as hard as it first seems if you break it into simple steps. If the budget will stand it, you should probably upgrade the regulator and rectifier to something solid state.


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Re: cafe wiring help with LED's

l'm wanting to use LED's for turn signles and need a little hep with wiring of them...l need to use some kind of resistors so not sure how to go about this wiring...My new seat is out of the mold finally so next is my lighting...l'll be using Custom Dynmics products Jimmiejoe


Bang Cut Grind ..Dam Did I Need That Part ?
so im working on everything i need to rewire my XS and was wondering if my list is missing anything or dont need anymore? im a very big noob on wiring and want it right so just checking and rechecking !

1) coils ( dyna )
2) elec ignition ( dyna )
3) condensor ( stock )
4) rectifer/reg (kaw 250r )
5) starter switch ( stock )
6) all new wire

going for bare bones on the bike so not sure if this is all i need to find and work together well?


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No condensers with a dyna S ignition. Throw them in the recycle bin

Starter plus starter solenoid if you want to keep that plus the button.
Front brake switch
Rear brake switch
Indicators perhaps plus switch and flasher can
Ignition relay and light relay


Bang Cut Grind ..Dam Did I Need That Part ?
cool thanks Teazer ! been working on the wire layout and looking over what others have done . now all i need are the parts sweet ( and some wiring skill with luck ) thanks again man

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