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So I finally got around to my XV920R project. I picked this bike up last year, but got sidetracked with my XS650 Tracker build. Just finished that one a couple of weeks ago. Now I can focus on this build. I have a lot of plans for this build so it could take a while, plus I need to out do my last build.
I want to try and build my own frame for this bike. I am going to use a modern front end ,swing arm and shock. Plan on some motor work as well, so I have my work cut out for me. Here are a couple of pics of what I am starting with as well as the bike after tear down.


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Rich Ard

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In, because I subscribe to every Virago project, god help me.

Are you going to use that tank? Why that one didn't go on all of the bikes of that generation I'll never know.


TJ - Beachcomber
Rich Ard said:
In, because I subscribe to every Virago project, god help me.

Are you going to use that tank? Why that one didn't go on all of the bikes of that generation I'll never know.

yes, us TR1 / XV / Virago builders have to stick together !!!!!!!!! The only way I can steal good ideas.

I toyed with the idea of a modded BMW K100 trellis frame, together with a telelever front end - would fit without too much aggro - but that was one of the projects I had to cull back in the Summer.


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Found Me a front end. Courtesy of an 08 CBR600RR had to do some mods to the steering stem to make it work. Still need to hunt down lots of stuff before I start fabing things up.


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If you need any help, let me know.

I went the motor route and knee deep in it. If I was to do it again I would have skipped out on doing the motor but it's too late now.


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bananas said:
Love those Vtwins! Pretty sweet front end. Is it painted or did it come black?

The front end came black, I specifically wanted it that color. Still gathering up several other components for this build. I think I spend as much time searching E-bay as I do working on this bike.


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Well if your wondering what happened to this build it got put on hold for a while for other projects and work. So I finally back on it again.
I have collected some parts for the build while it was sitting. I decided to use a RC51 Swingarm, wheels and rear suspension.
I mounted the bike in my frame jig and started sizing things up.Since I am building my own frame I decided to try and get a much better geometry for handling. I am going to try and get the front swingarm pivot as close to the countershaft as possible as well as get a pivot height that will work better to improve anti-squat characteristics. I will also give the swingarm more of an angle which will require me to raise the motor in the chassis. I removed the frame and sized up the RC51 swinger. Just need get it as close as possible and them do all the math to make sure it is correct.


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I wanted to find a way to give the new swingarm more support rather than just the original mounting point off the back of the engine since the RC51 swingarm is much beefier and I will be running a 190 tire on it. I devised some mounts out of wood for mock up that utilize the stock peg mounts and support the outside of the swingarm. I used the original frame mount and made a center piece to locate the swingarm closer to the countershaft sprocket and give it a better alignment for the pivot point. I also raised the engine for a better swingarm angle. The new mock up pieces will serve several functions (1) Swingarm support (2) top shock mount (3) sub-frame mount (4) foot peg mount, and (5) Counter shaft outer bearing support. It took some time to get it all sorted but it looks like it should work really well. I will have these pieces made out of aluminum on a CNC.


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Pretty good looking build so far. As to your new brackets, you could have them cut with water jet for a fraction of the cost of CNC mill and then hand finish them yourself. I have done a ton of parts that way and its substantially cheaper.


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Damn this is going to be cool. Love all the custom frames popping up lately. Gives me something to aspire to.


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Back to it. Finally found some time to get back to this build. I designed my parts in a cad program and had my CNC guy cut them out for me. I finished the rear mount that supports the swing arm and is also the mount for the rear suspension. The CNC parts fit great and should add a lot of strength to the rear end.


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Back at er
Looking great! Don't let it fade into obscurity - this looks like a good one that I would like to see finished.


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I'm definitely in on this one.

The custom work is very impressive! Can't wait to see the end result.

My question is, will there be room for the rear exhaust pipe?

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