Can't find carb rebuild kit 92 Honda VT1100


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Just picked up a 1992 Honda Shadow VT1100C. One of the carbs is dripping fuel pretty bad so I figure I'll rebuild the carbs. Problem is the carbs are an odd ball and I can't find an aftermarket kit at a reasonable price. I can't see paying more than $200 for the parts from Honda so I'm hoping someone here has a suggestion as to what might work instead.

Possible there's an aftermarket kit that will at least give me all the seals.



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i feel for you there my wife has a early vt1100 and its a pain

i finally scrapped them this spring and put a 2 barrel weber carb on it

i will ask a honda buddy of mine if he has asource


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Thanks guys, turns out K&L have the bowl gaskets and the rest is just O rings. Did the rebuild, the needles and seats were fine so I left them. It's running fine now and no more leaks.


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