CB/CL450 Cylinders and New Wiseco Piston Set


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CB/CL450 Cylinders and New Wiseco Piston Set - $2,347 (We're suppose to put a price down so I threw something up, seriously make me a fair and reasonable offer + shipping and it's yours.) I got the chance to buy some parts that needed a new, useful home with the thought that they would be the right fit for one of the projects somebody on here is working on or is planning.

The bores have been freshly honed and look great. The outside of the cylinders are a little dirty but should clean up very well. I don't see any bent fins or other damage. The pistons are things of beauty! Brand new and ready to install. The kit includes the pistons, wrist pins, and clips. All come in a Wiseco cloth bag and the original boxes. Pictures of the boxes are provided to help w/ tracking manufacturer numbers. There's also an obviously new copper head gasket that goes along. (Base gasket?) I'll gladly take more pictures, take measurements, etc if asked.




If I get the chance I'll try to do a bit of cleanup on the outside. I'd be happy to pack and send it; will try to get the cheapest method available. (Shipping from 44820, north central Ohio) If you are going to be at Mid-Ohio I can see that you get it there or to you through the unofficial DTT parts/bike transfer system.
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OK 450 guys you need to jump on this offer. The supply of 450 engine parts is on life support.
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